Piano Lessons in Kansas City for Pre-Schoolers

Piano Lessons Kansas City for Kindergarteners

Aine Wendler Piano Studio’s Preschool student approach has been designed to stimulate the recognition and comprehension skills of a child as young as 3 years of age. Lessons for pre-school aged children are designed to move quickly and to cover a number of different topics in short, fun segments which cycle and repeat several times over the 30-minute lesson.

Starting with right hand/left hand recognition and finger characters/numbers, as well as simple, toy-based exercises designed to develop technique, children will rapidly start learning to recognize all of the symbols and written “language” of music in terms that they can clearly understand. They will work, interactively, in learning about a sense of pulse and beat and how to apply the rhythmic skills of counting and steady tempo to the pulse. Children will begin to explore keyboard geography, learning to use the groupings of black keys to identify the white keys and to understand high-low, up-down and moving by clusters, steps, and skips on the keyboard.

Children will work with one of several outstanding Pre-K methods, “Wunderkeys”, which introduces young students to music on the page in a fun, interactive presentation that will lay a strong foundation for, not only music study, but for strong math skills, as well, “The Music Tree; Time to Begin” by Frances Clark, Louise Goss, and Sam Holland, or “My First Piano Adventures” by Nancy and Randall Faber. Herein is the beginning of the strong connection between learning music and developing exceptional academic and personal growth skills.

Aine Wendler Piano Studio  holds two recitals per year and requires student participation.