Kansas City Piano Lessons for Adults

Piano Lessons Kansas City for Adults

An adult wishing to pursue piano study is a wonderful thing. But, for all adults considering this course of study, it is important to consider the commitment to work and learning. The studio requires that adults think deeply about reserving a lesson time to which they can, and will, commit and to place a non-refundable deposit of $100.00, in addition to the monthly tuition, on the schedule reservation.

For adult beginners, there are some exciting adult-level methods that move you quickly into chords and styles of playing designed for relaxation and pleasure. If the adult wishes a classically-based course of training, the adult methods will position the student well for that. If the adult is more interested in music in which they are personally invested and enjoy, then they are able to pursue that music with a solid foundation and background.

For adult students with previous training, we will continue to build repertoire, technical skills, and functional theory for understanding, not only the “how” of music, but the “why”.