Piano Lessons in Kansas City for Kindergartners

Piano Lessons Kansas City From Aine Wendler Piano Studio

At Aine Wendler Piano Studio, kindergarten students will begin by learning the symbols and written “language” of music. Working with a set of 6 core exercises for hands and fingers, kindergarten students rapidly begin to form an excellent physical technique for playing the piano in a beautiful and health-supporting way. Learning to identify time and note values, students will clap and count rhythms as well as play on rhythm instruments to develop a strong sense of “beat”.

Kindergarten students will work from, “The Music Tree; Time To Begin” by Frances Clark, Louise Goss, and Sam Holland, “Celebrate Piano” or “My First Piano Adventures” by Nancy and Randall Faber, along with the associated activity and coloring books for this level. These are engaging, cohesive methods for the kindergarten-aged child to make a strong, confident beginning on the piano.

Aine Wendler Piano Studio holds two recitals per year and requires student participation.