Junior High/Middle School

Junior high/middle school-aged students usually fall into one of two categories: the later beginner or a transfer student with previous study. The junior high student that is coming in as a beginner will progress rapidly. By the time a child reaches 10 or older, they are ready for a “later beginner” method—they do not need as much slow development time for eye-hand coordination and they are far more advanced in reading and number skills. The later beginner will work with a method designed for their age and capabilities along with a technique book and a theory book.

The student with previous study will, either, continue with the work they were doing with the previous teacher if that seems the best course or they will start working in a more transitional method for moving into repertoire-based study, such as Catherine Rollin’s “Pathways to Artistry” or “The Celebration Series”.

At this age, I encourage the student to start exploring music of special interest to them.

There will be opportunities for evaluative performances, festivals, and/or competitions as the student is ready.

Aine Wendler Piano Studio holds two recitals per year and requires student participation.