Elementary School Piano Lessons in Kansas City

Elementary Student Piano Lessons

Children beginning lessons in the elementary school-ages, beginning at 6 years old, will work from a comprehensive, integrative approach combining physical technique development exercises with a strong pre-reading program which evolves into reading on the staff within a few months. At this age, eye-hand coordination skills are evolving at a rapid rate and these skills are enhanced and strengthened by work at the piano.

Utilizing the approach of VAK Learning modes (visual, aural, or kinesthetic—whichever is the strongest mode for each child), the appropriate method will be selected for the student and presented to their natural strength of learning mode. Working with several different methods, materials will be chosen from “Faber Piano Adventures”, “Celebrate Piano”, “Piano Discoveries”, or “Piano Town” series. Elementary-aged students will be introduced to technical-building skills through Edna Mae Burnam’s “A Dozen a Day” materials and the theory books associated with their method series.

Aine Wendler Piano Studio holds two recitals per year and requires student participation.