Spring Recital, April 11, 2015

Posted by on February 19, 2015

Spring Recital, April 11, 2015

The Aine Wendler Piano Studio will hold its Spring Recital on, Saturday, April, 2015. The recital will be held in the Recital Hall at Schmitt Music, 7316 W. 119th Street, Overland Park, KS, 66213. There will be two recitals held that afternoon.  Students will appear on the designated recital, below:

2:00 pm:  Josie Spencer, Marianne Spencer, Kaitlyn Murphy, Natalie Hsieh, Greta Martin, Emerson Lee, Dakota Flinn, Seth Bleish, Sam Bleish, J.T. Zerbs, Margo Lewis, Elliott Kraus, Kathleen Totta, Zoei Williams, Owen Carman, Archer Mohan, Ginny Lillie, Elijah Lillie, Alister Berns-Hoyt, Nicholas Berns-Hoyt, Jasmine Garcia, and Anna Way.

4:00 pm:  Ava Mizrahi, Sophie Yagan, Nicholas Jacob, Taylor Easterwood, Olivia Cooper, Michael Bowden, Daniel Bowden, Abby Bleish, Payton Benson, Andy Wilson, Sophie Whitson, Damian Soptick, Soren Gupta, Sophia Gupta, Mira Gupta,  Gabriel Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Jasmine Henry, Emma Wang, Elizabeth Mixon, Maeanna Hall, Jonathan Weng, Veronica Weng, and Paula Sweeny.

Recital attire is not formal but should be consistent with the manner of dress for an occasion or event. No jeans, shorts, casual flip flops, casual tennis shoes, or casual tee shirts, please.


The following guidelines are set in order to maintain order, courtesy, and respect toward every child performing on the recital. 

  • Performers and audience members must arrive on time.  performers should be on premises, and checked in, at least 15 minutes early.
  • Audience members and performers must plan to stay for the entire program – late arrivals and early exits make the experience difficult for the student onstage.
  • Please refrain from talking/conversation during the program (just a small note of interest….the students do quite well on this point…..)
  • Audience members: please understand, and explain to your guests, the first few rows, equal to the number of students performing, are reserved for the participating students – these seats are NOT available to audience members.

My goal with the Spring recital is to have a smooth, quick-paced program.  Each student will perform ONE piano solo and, as indicated above. Students on the duet teams will perform ONE 2-piano duet, in addition to their prepared solo.

Participation in recitals is expected and, as much as possible, required.  The  above guidelines are firm and consistent – my concern is that every, single child on these programs be treated with the caring and respect that you would want your own child to receive.  This is one of two dates during an entire year that recitals are held. Late arrivals and early departures will always affect the child onstage and will always cause a disruption.  These programs are designed to be no longer than 1 hour, each.  The rules and guidelines must be observed or a student’s spot in the studio could be forfeited.  I thank you for your support, understanding, and courtesy.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the recital!!!

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