Fall Schedule

Posted by on July 14, 2016

Fall Schedule

It is hard to believe that we are more than halfway through the summer, already. As the new studio year approaches, it is time to start working on the fall schedule. I know that, for many students, it is difficult to project scheduling needs but, there are many students to fit into the studio schedule and times are, very much, at a premium. My studio cannot, really, be much more flexible than the team sports organizations and schools of dance and gymnastics can be. My suggestion is that, if at all possible, families keep the same time slot(s) from the previous year. If that is not possible for some students, then we will work together in flexibility and good spirit, to shape a schedule that will, hopefully, work for everybody.

It is imperative that I hear from all families as soon as possible as scheduling is now, actively, underway. The fall schedule will take effect the week of August 8, 2016, as many schools are starting that early.

As happens every summer, there is a break coming up next month. This break will begin on August 22 and go through Labor Day, September 5, 2016. This break has been factored into the tuition schedule and does not qualify for a make-up lesson or credit. The 2016 – 2017 studio year begins on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. The studio fees for the new studio year will be due at the time of tuition – fees will be $75.00 for the first child enrolled in each family and $35.00 for the second and each, additional, enrolled child per family. I will be handing out statements in August in preparation for September tuition and fees (those students who have been enrolled and/or commenced lessons since the Spring Recital, do not have to pay the fees again, this September).

Each year as we prepare to begin the new studio year, it is always necessary to review studio policies…. particularly in the areas of make-up lessons and recital guidelines. The only circumstances for which studio policy offers make-up lessons are illness, dangerous weather conditions, or catastrophic emergency. Sports games, vacations, birthday parties, etc. are not subject to make-up lessons or credits. Please remember, you are not paying by the number of weeks in a month – you are paying a monthly installment on a 40-lesson annual tuition. There are 5 weeks, in addition to the scheduled studio breaks, that serve as “flex weeks” – these are weeks that are not paid for and absences for any reason other than illness, weather conditions, or emergencies, fall under the flex week category. Beginning in September, I will be keeping a spreadsheet calendar for the 5 flex weeks per student/family so that you will know, when trips or other activities occur, that the week is covered by the time already factored into the tuition schedule. I will be reviewing this attendance/make-up/ credit policy with each family by providing a new copy of the policy statement to be signed for the studio files along with an updated registration/enrollment form.

Recital Announcement – The winter recitals are scheduled for Saturday, December 3, 2016. The afternoon will be divided into 2 recitals – Recital A will be held at 2 pm and Recital B will be held at 3:30 pm.  Recital participation is an important part of the studio program. As recital policy states, student participation is required. I will provide a written set of recital guidelines to each family. Guidelines exist to provide a supportive, positive, and, most of all, respectful experience for EACH and EVERY child. Failure to provide this support and respect to every child by families and their guests, can result in forfeiture of studio enrollment.


The following is a list of dates scheduled through the end of the 2016 -17 year:


07/28 – 31/2016      Mid America Music Association Summer Music Festival (M.A.M.A.). Studio event – applied flex days – no make-up lessons or credits apply.


08/22 – 09/05/16    End of Summer Break – this is a scheduled studio break and does not qualify for a make-up lesson or credit.      


09/06/2016             First day of the 2016 – 2017 studio year.


09/11/2016             Federated Music Teachers of Kansas City Fall Honors Recital.


09/25/2016             MMTA District Auditions – University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO


10/15 – 16/2016      KCMTA Fall Festival – Mid America Nazarene University, Olathe, KS


11/06/2016             MMTA State Competitions, Evangel University, Springfield, MO


11/21 – 27/2016      Thanksgiving Break – this is a scheduled studio break and does not qualify for a make-up lesson or credit.


12/03/2016             Winter Holiday Recitals – more information to follow.


12/10/2016             Christmas Program at Union Station – time TBA – held in the Grand Hall of Union Station.


12/19 – 01/01/17     Holiday Break – this is one of the studio’s scheduled breaks and does not qualify for a make-up lesson or credit.


03/20 – 26/2017      Spring Break – scheduled break does not qualify for make-up lesson or credit.


04/08/2016             Spring Recitals


05/22 – 31/2017      End of School Year Break – this is a scheduled studio break and does not qualify for a make-up lesson or credit.


I am so excited about the new studio year ahead. Students from my studio have demonstrated tremendous energy, courage, motivation, and success in accomplishing so many goals in the past several years. I know that this tradition of accomplishment will continue and grow in the coming year.

Finally, please wish the following students, who are traveling to the Lodge of the Four Seasons, at the Lake of the Ozarks, July 28 – 31, 2016 safe travels and good luck – they have, all, been working hard through the spring and summer to perform at the Mid America Music Association (MAMA) Summer Music Festival:  Elliott Kraus, Deuce Chanos, Owen Carman, Sophie Yagan, Jonathan Weng, Danielle Tyler, Olivia Cooper, Emma Wang, Soren Gupta, Mira Gupta, Gabriel Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Nadia Rose, Abby Bleish, Ginny Lillie, Elijah Lillie, Sophia Gupta, Payton Benson, Jasmine Henry, Andy Wilson, Margo Lewis, and Maria Sierra.






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